by Hanna Hart

by Hanna Hart

Marketing Manager acquires College Inbound

Livingston, NJ, November 22, 2021 – Cloud-based managed services company Revion Solutions Incorporated has purchased College Inbound, the WordPress-based content management system for community college websites. 

“This is a very exciting day for all of our community college clients,” said Jonathan Medford, outgoing owner of College Inbound. “Revion has the resources to take College Inbound’s CMS to the next level.”

Revion is already familiar with the hosting infrastructure of College Inbound clients. The New Jersey-based company has been providing the niche web development firm with backend cloud hosting support for Amazon Web Services since January. 

There are no immediate plans for Revion to rebrand College Inbound or to make any changes to the way clients interact with the company. 

“Our aim is to make this as seamless of a transition as possible for College Inbound clients,” said Wil Roman, VP of Revion. “Clients are not transitioning to Revion. We are transitioning to our new clients. We have spent a lot of time learning about the unique challenges of two-year colleges, and we are looking forward to building the next iteration of the College Inbound content management system.”

Medford will provide support during the transition and will continue to serve College Inbound in a consulting capacity. Clients can expect introduction calls to begin taking place in the coming weeks. 

Revion Solutions, Incorporated. is a web & database cloud hosting company based in Livingston NJ, USA. The company offers a complete suite of professional services including Managed Hosting, Oracle database, Oracle APEX hosting, HIPAA & PCI compliance, website hosting, design/development, and consulting. Learn more about the company at

College Inbound is a fully-hosted website design & content management system built for community colleges. More information about College Inbound can be found at

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