Apache, php and other software upgrades

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Tim Davis

Senior Cloud and Security Engineer

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Revion.com continues providing reliable service with latest services/software upgrades.

The following were upgraded on ALL UNIX servers:

All latest software versions as of 01.04.07
OpenSSL 0.9.8d
php 5.2.0
Apache 2.2.3
mysql v.5.0.24
sendmail 8.13.8

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More Updates

Log4j2 Vulnerability

Revion is not using Log4j2 tool for apache-tomcat, we are using default lightweight API – Java logging API — java.util.logging. Additionally, we are not exposing

Bind/DNS services upgraded

To address security vulnerability discovered in Bind 9.8.1. we have upgraded all bind dns servers to 9.8.1.-P1