Revion Solutions, Inc obtained Safe Harbor Certification from the U.S. Department of Commerce.

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New York, NY — August 27, 2008 — Revion Solutions, Inc™, a leading provider of Oracle database and APEX hosting, has formalized and documented its data privacy procedures and obtained Safe Harbor Certification from the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Safe Harbor Certification is of particular importance to customers for whom Revion Solutions, Inc provides the assessment technologies and hosting services. Assessment management systems hold critical personal data as well as assessment content and scoring algorithms, all of which need to be secure, backed up, and tightly controlled. Safe Harbor certification is aligned with European Union data protection law, which is essential for customers conducting tests internationally.

We are accustomed to protecting the confidentiality and privacy of personal data, assessment content and scoring algorithms, so having a formal opportunity to demonstrate our competence in this area was welcome. We appreciated the support of the US Department of Commerce and are pleased to be on their formal list of organizations that are committed to protect data, privacy and confidentiality.

The Safe Harbor Certification process gave Revion Solutions, Inc an opportunity to formally review and document its internal practices and develop and deploy internal tests to demonstrate compliance. Revion Solutions, Inc employees received Safe Harbor training and, of course, completed tests to demonstrate their knowledge of, and competence in, Revion Solutions, Inc’s Data Privacy policies and procedures.

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