SmarterMail 11 Enterprise hosting has arrived!

Tim Davis

Tim Davis

Senior Cloud and Security Engineer

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SmarterMail 11 Enterprise hosting has arrived!
We have successfully upgraded our email servers to SmarterMail 11.x

Some major highlights:

1. Intuitive Webmail -

  • Full support for international users
  • Powerful and intuitive spell-checking
  • Auto-complete addressing
  • Easily migrate mailboxes from Gmail, Live Mail, iMail, Zimbra and more
  • Find attachments easily

2. Unified Email and Collaboration Server –

  • Robust calendaring and scheduling
  • Find a conference room
  • Full contact management, including attachment, meeting and email history
  • Support for the latest and greatest devices and applications

3. Complete Mobile Communication –

  • Exchange ActiveSync for industry standard synchronization
  • Full mobile instant messaging
  • Built for quick and easy mobile navigation
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, Blackberry and more
  • Interface designed specifically for smartphones

and many more Enterprise level features! Contact today to find out how we can help you with Enterprise level mail hosting.
Please take  a moment to review New and exciting features : – enterprise mail hosting. Powered by SmarterMail.

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