SmarterMail 5.x Enterprise is available.

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We are pleased to announce SmarterMail 5.x Enterprise to ALL our hosting plans.
Some of the features:
Collaboration for the Office and the Enterprise
SmarterMail 5.x provides the robust collaboration features that most people associate only with more expensive mail servers such as Microsoft Exchange. SmarterMail provides each user with the ability to share contacts, email folders, calendars, tasks, and notes between co-workers and across enterprise organizations. Global Address List (GAL) functionality allows Enterprise edition users to accurately coordinate across large project teams.

Powerful Web Interface – Collaborate Anywhere
SmarterMail 5.x delivers all of the coordination and communication functionality that you expect from your office desktop—to any pc with an internet connection—anywhere in the world through a familiar and intuitive Web interface. Users have access to shared calendars and the availability of their co-workers to schedule appointments. Tasks can be assigned and emails managed 24/7 with accuracy, speed, and security.

Improved Synchronization
SmarterMail Sync—available for the Enterprise edition at no additional charge—provides users with the ability to fully utilize Microsoft Outlook beyond the capabilities of most mail servers. Enterprise edition users also receive the ability to synchronize with Pocket PCs and Smartphone devices (such as the Motorola Q™, Palm Treo™, and Samsung BlackJack™).

Detect, Prevent, and Limit
The new SmarterMail 5.x interface adds a new Security Section to support the existing security features and includes even more protections. With the introduction of these new features, the security scheme will often be referred to as the “DETECT, PREVENT, and LIMIT” foundation.

Built-in Antivirus
SmarterMail comes pre-loaded with ClamAV antivirus installed and ready to go, out-of-the-box. ClamAV is a premier, open-source project offering superior protection that resides on the mail server, or—in high volume environments—on a remote server helping to reduce the burden of the SmarterMail sever. SmarterMail also supports third-party real-time and command-line solutions.

For more informatio please visit SmarterTools Site

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