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Tim Davis

Tim Davis

Senior Cloud and Security Engineer

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Revion Solutions, Inc (founded in June 1999) is a web & database hosting company based in New York, NY USA. Our company offers a complete suite of professional services.

Our services are listed below:

  • Enterprise level hosting solutions – High Availability, BCP/DR, Oracle RAC services
  • Oracle hosting – power your website with one the most powerful database in the world
  • Oracle Application Express hosting – Rapidly and decoratively develop, deploy, and run applications using just a web browser
  • Oracle Tomcat hosting
  • Oracle JBOSS Hosting
  • Glassfish hosting
  • .NET.ASP hosting
  • Ruby on Rails hosting
  • Magento hosting
  • Enterprise WordPress hosting

Revion Solutions, Inc also offers consulting services in the following technologies areas:

Implementation and support services of the following:


  • Linux Redhat servers
  • Redhat Satellite services
  • Oracle/Solaris 10/11 servers
  • Automated and customized servers build (Kickstart/Jumpstart)
  • Systems management Customization using puppet.
  • Architecture and design of CLUSTER Services ( Symmantec Veritas, Redhat Cluster)
  • Architecture and design of Geo aware DNS services bind, or Infoblox
  • Architecture and design of Redhat Storage server or GlusterFS opensource platform
  • Oracle database management, oracle RAC, OEM
  • Kerberos installations, intergration Unix systems with Active Directory
  • Architecture and design of Virtual Environment such as VMware or Xen
  • Office computer and phone (Voip) support and management
  • Medical office support and HIPAA compliance
  • Architecture and design of Disaster Recovery services
  • Enterprise high availability mail hosting


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More Updates

Log4j2 Vulnerability

Revion is not using Log4j2 tool for apache-tomcat, we are using default lightweight API – Java logging API — java.util.logging. Additionally, we are not exposing

Bind/DNS services upgraded

To address security vulnerability discovered in Bind 9.8.1. we have upgraded all bind dns servers to 9.8.1.-P1